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About Purpose Life Sciences

Transforming global health one clinical trial at a time

Purpose Life Sciences aims to continually modernize clinical trials through its global network while supporting local economies. We want to create a future where drug approvals and clinical trials are modernized, accessible, and equitable.

Purpose Life Sciences is an Impact Research Organization that helps sponsors and partners re-define clinical trials with speed, adaptability, and global partnerships to evaluate lifesaving therapeutics.

Our Mission

Accelerate access to global clinical trials for life saving drugs.

Our Vision

A world free from treatable diseases.

What is an Impact Research Organization?

For decades, the way clinical trials have been designed and conducted has remained relatively unchanged. From all perspectives in the clinical trials ecosystem, the demand for innovation is high.

In addition to finding innovation through increased speed and cost, Purpose Life Sciences also addresses the moral imperative to increase access and representation in clinical trials.

In doing so, we are a new type of research organization: one focused wholly on impact.

We hold ourselves accountable to these goals in all the work we do, and we look forward to showing you how.

How We Measure Impact

The number of patients granted access to clinical trials as a treatment option
The number of clinicians building the capacity to conduct clinical trials in their communities
The number of communities bringing novel therapies to their constituents
The number of days saved in the journey from discovery to proof of concept
The number of dollars saved through innovative trial designs and highly efficient trial execution

How We Create Impact

We have deep expertise in the most challenging and dynamic areas for clinical trials. A team of renowned experts brings an unmatched level of experience, as evidenced by an extensive library of peer-reviewed publications, and vast networks in industry, academia, government, and public health.

  • Published KOLs
  • Adaptive Trial Design
  • Master Protocols
  • Augmented Epidemiology
  • Global Health

We have a unique global capability that increases diversity and enables investigation in multiple geographies, including emerging markets.

  • Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), Emerging Markets
  • Communities of Practice
  • In-country cultural and regulatory awareness
  • Capacity building

Bespoke clinical trial execution support services range from government-sponsored investigator-initiated trials to regulatory-grade, pivotal industry-sponsored clinical trial programs.

Portfolio planning and strategic development is a comprehensive solution set, tailored to the unique requirements of each sponsor and trial. We efficiently and effectively oversee all aspects of the trial from study design and protocol development to data analysis and reporting. Our approach ensures that the entire process is streamlined, compliant with regulations, and executed with the highest standards of quality.

  • Study design and protocol development
  • Regulatory and ethical approvals
  • Site selection and site management
  • Patient recruitment and retention
  • Data management and monitoring
  • Statistical analysis and reporting
  • Quality assurance and compliance
  • Project management
  • Technology integration

Additionally, we leverage our global scientific and clinical investigator relationships to increase trial participant diversity and enable investigation in multiple geographies.

Our end-to-end targeted portfolio planning provides a comprehensive solution for sponsors and investigators. This approach helps ensure the successful planning, execution, and completion of clinical trials with high-quality results.

Our Origin

Scientific leaders Professor Edward J. Mills, and The Honorable Dr. Mark Dybul have a long history of collaboration in Global Health. One of the most significant collaborations, in response to an unmet need for global clinical research partnerships that could rapidly and effectively generate clinical evidence for COVID-19, led to the formation of Purpose Life Sciences.

To truly deliver efficient clinical results, we use novel research methods and engage a network of equitable partnerships in academia and industry. Our company leaders have lived and worked in all the global regions we serve. With our growing team of expert clinicians, methodologists, statisticians, and trial logisticians, we offer an innovative approach to clinical research.

Let’s make tomorrow healthier today.

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