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Bob Battista, MBA, FRCP Edin - Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer

Vancouver, B.C., Canada, May 23, 2023Purpose Life Sciences, a global impact research organization, today announced the appointment of Bob Battista as EVP, Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer. In this role, Bob is responsible for building the company’s strategic direction and commercial activities, including deep market innovation initiatives with its clients and partners.

“I have worked with Bob for over a decade and am thrilled that he has joined the Executive Leadership Team at PLS,” said Dr. Ed Mills, Founder and CEO of Platform Life Sciences. “With Bob’s extensive industry experience and his strong client relationships, he will drive our strategic direction while driving great value for our customers and related ecosystem partners.”

“There are a handful of distinctive teams in the market that Ed and his colleagues represent, and I am thrilled to be joining such a distinguished team of thought leaders in trials transformation and integrated applied use of related epidemiological data,” said Bob. “After nearly 20 years of co-founding and running Doctor Evidence, which analyzed trial and published evidence, making an impact now on how that evidence is actually generated gives me great perspective and purpose into helping accelerate critical therapies to market with well-differentiated access for patients.”

“In addition to being of service to our customers for innovative trials modernization and evidence generation work, through my efforts, Platform Life Sciences will be selectively partnering with key clients to lend our deep academic and methodological expertise for co-designing accelerated launch and health-authority aligned access plans to critical therapies.” Bob states.

About Purpose Life Sciences

Platform Life Sciences is an Impact Research Organization that is comprised of a platform of divisions comprised of: an integrated evidence generation division focused on Augmented Epidemiology around real-world data (RWD);  an Ai venture firm that has critical focus on trials optimization and RWD functions; a trials division optimizing master protocols, adaptive design trial execution and Platform trial explorations; and, a non-for-profit Foundation that works on global health initiatives to help solve critical global health issues.  Our overall mission is to accelerate access to critical therapies for patients worldwide. Platform Life Sciences was founded in February of 2021 in response to an urgent need for generating more rapid and efficient clinical evidence for COVID-19 therapeutics. Platform Life Sciences designed and implemented an innovative adaptive platform trial called the TOGETHER Trial, receiving global recognition, including the 2021 (awarded in 2022) David Sackett Trial of the Year award by the Society for Clinical Trials.